Fabric Defects

Defects in Fabric

Fabric Defects

When we talk of defect, it is generally a fault which spoils the quality of material. Faults in Fabric results into reduction of its cost as well as reduces its value in the market from consumer point of view. A Fabric Defect is any abnormality in the Fabric that hinders its acceptability by the consumer.


  • With increase in demand of quality fabric now customers are more concerned about the quality of the material.
  • In order to fulfill demand of quality material it is importance to avoid defects.
  • A significant reduction in the price of fabric is seen due to presence of faults.
  • It also affects the brand name.

List of fabric defects in woven fabric:
  • Coloured flecks
  • Knots
  • Slub
  • Broken ends woven in a bunch
  • Broken pattern
  • Double end
  • Float
  • Gout
  • Hole, cut, or tear
  • Lashing-In
  • Local distortion
  • Missing ends
  •  Missing Pick
  •  Oil and other stain
  •  Oily ends
  •  Oily picks
  •  Reed mark
  •  Slough off
  •  Shuttle smash
  •  Snarls
  •  Stitches
  •  Untrimmed loose threads
  •  Weft bar
List of fabric defects in velvet and terry fabric:
  • Broken pattern
  • Pile less spot
  • Uneven or loose piles

List of fabric defects in Knitted Fabric:
  • Bariness         
  • Bunching up
  • Drop stitch
  • Holes or Crack
  • Crack fall out
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Vertical stripes

Different Grading systems
  • 4 point system
  • 6 point system
  • 10 point system
  • Graniteville system
  • Dallas system

  • Fabric defects directly affects the profit margins of the company. As the defected fabrics has to be sold at lower cost.
  • To minimize value loss due to variety of defect occuring in the fabric, a manufacturer should try to minimize those defects by taking suitable remedies.

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