Fabric Analysis

Analysis of Fabric

Fabric analysis is the study of the   construction, properties, features, orientation and dip of particles within a fabric.

Get to knows the fabric parameters                         
Identification of face and back side of the fabric.
Identification of warp and weft threads.
Fabric weight and yarn density.
Fabric structure.

Identification of face or back of the fabric
The face of the fabric has a clear colour or patterns.
The rib or corded fabrics the face are usually more dense and smooth.
The face side has higher density and better materials.

Identification of warp and weft
Warp is always parallel with selvedge.
The warp may be sized and the weft not.
The warp usually as a bigger density.
The warp direction may has reed mark.
The warp is more often ply yarn.

Fabric Weight
Weighting measurement
Where : mass par unit express in grams per square meter

Fabric Structure
It is necessary to know the way in which the fabric is constructed
For example :plain weave or twill weave this can be obtain by viewing the fabric with a piece of fabric under magnifying glass or a low magnification microscope.

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