Lap Preparation in Combing | Sliver Lap Machine

Lap Preparation in Combing process of Spinning


  • Removal of short fiber below predetermined length.
  • Remove neps and foreign matter.
  • improve fiber parallelization by improving entanglement and disorientation.
  • Improve the mean length by removing noil and maintaining the degree of combing.

Lap preparation for combers:

It is a process of making flat laps by combining multiple slivers. It is the important process in the combing process that influences the quality of the combed sliver.

  • To ensure straight and parallel fibers fed.
  • To reduce strain on combing cylinder and top comb.
  • To reduce fiber damage.
  • To control the amount of waste.
  • To improve the uniformity of material

Lap Preparation Method and Sequence:

Conventional method:

  • Sliver lap machine
  • Ribbon lap machine

Modern method:

  • Drawframe
  • Super lap machine
  • Conventional Method:
  • Carding Machine
  • Sliver Lap machine
  • Ribbon Lap machine
  • Comber
  • Drawframe

Modern Method:

  • Carding Machine
  • Pre comb drawframe
  • Super lap forming machine
  • Comber
  • Post comb drawframe

Sliver lap machine

Basic Objectives:

  • Doubling
  • Drafting
  • To formal lap for suitable for ribbon lap machine

Machine parts of Sliver lap machine:

Preventing rollers:

Preventing roller act as a stop motion as sliver breakage occurs it gives a signal and thus machine gets stopped. It is very easy and provided stop motion on the machine as its main function is to provide a signal to the machine if the sliver get break during process and stop the machine.

Assisting roller

Assisting roller assist the bunch of fibre which comes forward from the preventing roller and act as a guide to the sliver.

Spider shaft

Spider shaft is like a guide through which overall sliver passed and get converted into web as its main function is to convert sliver into web.

Channel guide plate

The material is over the channel guide plate its main function is to guide the material flow over it.

Drafting system

Its main function is to sorted, straightened and and paralleled the fibre.

Calender roller

Its main function is to convert compact lap sheet into a uniform sheet.

Lap roller

The lap roller guides the material to the wound on a spool.


From each of 20 to 24 card slivers cans are placed behind the machine are lifted by pairs of lifter rollers of the creel to prevent sliver stretch.

On the creel table, slivers are positioned side by side and enter into the drafting system of 4 over 4.

In the creel, the stop motion is provided to stop the machine in case of sliver breaks or can exhaust.

In drafting, systems slivers undergo drafting system action which improves fiber orientation.

The draft is about 1.8 and 2.0 and the sheet of slivers is then passed through the two pairs of heavily weighted smooth calendar rollers to make the sheet compact to avoid lap licking at the next process.

Then finally the laps is bound on a metallic spool.

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