Jobs for Everyone by The Yarn Bazaar

Jobs for everyone by the yarn bazaar- Textile Sphere

We all know that Covid-19 situation has made things difficult for everyone. The industry may take much longer time to recover after lockdown. Thus, to get things back on track we need to utilize the time we have and cultivate new job opportunities and experiences!

Over 4 million young Indians have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 impact. The pandemic has affected the people as well as the economy of the country. And, there are fewer jobs existing in the market right now. Thus, creating job opportunities during these times can help the industry recover faster.

The Yarn Bazaar is here with an initiative called “Jobs For Everyone”. Within 24 hours of its launch we have managed to receive 100+ resumes.

The whole idea of the campaign is to provide job seekers with a platform to look and search for the best jobs available in the textile industry. And the textile recruiters will be able to select from the pool of expert textile technologists.

The Yarn Bazaar is a comprehensive B2B platform that offers trading, lending, and logistics designed for your comfort for hassle-free business. Our esteemed customers Aditya Birla Group, Pallava, Sintex, Trident, GHCL, Nahar, Banswara, Damodar, Sitaram etc believe in the integrity of our company and have a vision like us to overcome the hurdles with an unbreakable resilience!

Drop us your resume on the given link and we’ll refer you to our network of aristocratic textile businesses.


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