India Launches Premium Cotton Brand 'Kasturi' on World Cotton Day

Kasturi Cotton India

World Cotton Day is observed every year on 7th October. Second World Cotton day is celebrated all over the world on 7th Oct 2020. This day provides opportunity to recognize the importance of cotton globally also enable developing countries to benefit more from every step of the cotton value chain with sustainable trade policies.

On the occasion of 2nd World Cotton Day ,Union Minister for Textiles unveiled a brand and logo for Indian Cotton.

Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani said, India’s premium cotton would henceforth be identified as “Kasturi” in the world cotton trade while launching the first-ever Indian cotton brand and logo on World Cotton Day.

Smriti Irani on Twitter:

Kasturi Cotton India

Kasturi Cotton will stand out for its whiteness, brightness, softness, purity, luster, uniqueness and Indianness, the minister said, speaking at a webinar with theme “New-Look-Cotton”organised jointly by Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI), The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council and The Cotton Corporation of India Ltd along with Ministry of Textiles. 

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