Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show (15-30 oct 2020)


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For every day of the virtual trade show, Innovate Textile & Apparel will host a roundtable discussion involving key figures from the industry. Focusing on the latest developments and pressing matters in the industry, this is a great chance to learn from experts as well as interact and network. Don't miss out and register now for free as a visitor here.

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Roundtable topics...
  • Circular economy - disrupting fast fashion - Charles Ross, Anne Prahl (concept+design), Rudiger Fox (Sympatex)
  • Digitalisation in the textile & apparel value chain - Keith Hoover (Black Swan Textiles), Keith Fenner (Coats Digital), Suuchi Ramesh (Suuchi), Anson Bailey (KPMG)
  • Textile inkjet: the future of pigment inks - Simon Daplyn (Sensient), Eric Beyeler (DuPont), Marco Girola (JK Group)
  • Advances in biodegradable textiles - part I - Vanessa Mason (Primaloft), Erik Lindvall (Guringo), Hannes Schoenegger (Bananatex)
  • Advances in biodegradable textiles - part II - Timo Hammer (Hohenstein), Alastair Drew (Intrinsic Textiles), Mark Kaminski (Freudenberg)
  • An antimicrobial future for textiles - Dr Selina Ambrose (Promethean Particles), Mats Georgson (Polygiene), Sanjeev Swamy (Livinguard)
  • Improving health & wellbeing through smart textiles - Milad Alizadeh-Mehgrazi (Myant), Terence Kealy (Design Partners)
  • Challenges of PPE production - Sebaastian van de Loo (Gherzi), Jordan Schindler (Nufabrx), Sarah Kniehl (Hermann Traschall), Mike Murray (The Vita Group)
  • Consumer behaviour shifts in activewear sector - Billy Byrne (Iffley Road), Tim Brownstone (Kymira), Helen White (BAM Activewear)
  • How to augment a team of smart textiles - Raj Bhakta (Funxion), Madison Maxey (Loomia), Sara Urasini (Design Partners)
  • Sustainable finishing methods in textile manufacturing - Dr Christian Schumacher (StepChange Innovations), Rainer Tuxen (Rotaspray), Dr Simon Kew (Alchemie Technology), Per Stenflo (Imogo), Tobias Schurr (Weko)
  • Localised manufacturing, reshoring and scalability - Frank Henderson (Henderson Sewing Machine Co.), J. Kirby Best (OnPoint Manufacturing), Dieter Stellmach (DITF)
  • Smart factories in the textile & apparel supply chain - Juliane Stephan (Bain & Company), Yves Simon Gloy (Gherzi), Clive Hickman (Manufacturing Technology Centre)
  • Clash of the titans: The future of textile inkjet printing - Jos Notermans (SPGPrints), Marco Girola (JK Group), Micol Gamba (EFI Reggiani)
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Other reasons to visit...
Open access to all exhibitor booths where you can discover the latest products and innovations as well as network with the exhibitors and build relationships.
Access over 100 presentations on topics such as digitalisation of the textile & apparel supply chain, innovations in smart textiles and much more.
One of the main aspects of the show is the chance to network and build new relationships. Use chat functions and video meetings to connect with exhibitors.
Learn directly from exhibitors with a series of 15-30 minute video presentations available to stream at a time to suit you.
Universities and research institutes will showcase their latest developments and cutting-edge research, including virtual tours of their facilities.
Engagement Points
The more you interact and engage at the show, the more Engagement Points you will earn. The points provide not only a more elevated visitor status, but also the chance to win prizes.
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Chinky Tyagi
Head of Business Development
World Textile Information Network (WTiN)


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