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Aatmanirbhar Bharat Cold clothing

Ever since the Prime minister of India launched the Atmanirbhar campaign it has gained immense popularity amongst various industrial sectors across the nation, maximizing opportunities. To boost the campaign OCF (Ordnance Clothing Factory) has played its part and launched an 'Extreme cold winter clothing system'. It took about seven years for the research and preparation of this indigenous clothing system, which claims protection against extreme cold temperatures ranging upto -50 degrees Celsius to the soldiers performing their duties in the harsh cold conditions.

Let us get into the core details to find out how this fully 'Swadeshi' clothing is made:

Earlier, the private sectors were approached to suffice the need of such clothing. This is the first time that the government officials have taken a lead to formulate this garment using all the native materials under their guidance. The samples have been sent for the trials and manufacturing will begin in full swing once approved. The research work for the same began in 2013.

Three layer thermal insulation system:

The clothing system is developed with three layer thermal insulation system. One finished garment weighs around 4.5 kg. Let us understand each layer; the first layer or the inner layer ensures that the body temperature is maintained, this layer is also termed as comfort layer as it keeps the sweat at bay which helps the body to stay dry from inside. The second or the middle layer ensures that the heat produced within the body is not lost, this layer is called as insulation layer. The third or the outer layer is termed as a projection layer, it protects the body from extreme cold winds, snowfall and water. The best part about this clothing system is that it is fully 'Swadeshi'.

Fig-Three Layer Thermal Insulation system 

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