Curriculum/Syllabus for in Textile Technology

Curriculum for in Textile Technology


Spinning is the process of converting fiber into yarn.

Below subjects are related to spinning which covers all the manufacturing process of Yarn:

  • Fundamental of Yarn Manufacturing Technology
  • Yarn Manufacturing Technology
  • Long Staple Spinning
  • Process Control in Spinning
  • Man - Made Fiber Production
  • Post Spinning Operation of Man-Made Fibers


Weaving is the process of converting yarn into fabric.

Below subjects covers the weaving which includes manufacturing process of fabric:

  • Fundamental of Fabric Manufacturing Technology
  • Fabric Manufacturing Technology
  • Advanced Fabric Manufacturing
  • Long Staple Weaving
  • Process Control in Weaving
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More Subjects:

Textile Fibers - This subject covers the classification and basic properties of textile fibers.

Technology of Textile Pretreatment & Dyeing-This subject covers the pretreatment and dyeing processes of wet processing department.

Technology of Textile Printing & Finishing- This subject covers methods of printing and finishing processes of textile products.

Testing of Fiber Yarn & Fabric- This subjects covers different testing methods used in each department of the textile industry.

Textile calculations-This subject covers all the production based calculations.

Cloth Structure Analysis-This subject covers the analysis of fabric structures and also their representation for fabric development.

Technical Textiles- This subject cover study of non apparel functions performed by textiles.

Design of Textile structures-This subject covers the designing of different textile structures

Knitting Technology-This subjects covers the manufacturing of fabrics by knitting technology.

Apparel Manufacturing and Merchandising- This subject covers the processes involve in manufacturing of garments.

Advance Garment Designing and Quality Control-This subject covers the principles in designing value added garments and quality control techniques followed in the garment sector.

Non Wovens and Industrial Textiles- This subject covers the technology of nonwovens and its industrial applications.

Textile Composites- This subject covers the manufacturing ,study of composite material and use of textiles in composite field.

Advance Finishing- This subject covers the basics and advancement in textile finishing field.

High Performance Fibers- This subject covers detailed study of all the High performance fibers and their application in textiles and allied area.

Home Textiles- This subject covers the manufacturing process and study of Home Textile Product.

Textile Management- This subject covers the basic management concepts in reference with textile industry.

Sustainable Textile- This subject covers the environmental and ecological aspects of textile materials.

Nanotechnology- This subject covers the basics of Nanotechnology and its various applications.

Project formulation and Appraisal in Textile Sector- This subject covers the concept and principles of project formulation in Textile Sector.

Green Composites- This subject covers the concept and application of Green Composites.

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