Morarjee Textiles introduces ViroShield protective fabrics

ViroShield  by Morarjee Textile-Textile Sphere

VIROSHIELD Protective fabrics by Morarjee Textiles

As everyone is aware that nearly the entire world is in the state of isolation to shield themselves from the Corona virus. When the lock-down will be lifted the globe will certainly swing back to its normal regime to retain its glory. Everything will be on track school, colleges, workplaces, malls  will operate in full capacities. But would our surrounding be utterly safe and sound?

Morarjee Textile Limited is happy to present us with a recently developed protective fabric which is 99.99% effective against the COVID-19. This fabric is referred as 'VIROSHIELD'. Viroshield is a collaborative effort designed with globally known Healthguard corporation, Australia. This innovative fabric kills viruses and bacteria on contact with the contaminated area or surfaces ensuring a breathable comfort to the wearer.

What to expect from the brand new Viroshield?

It claims to be 99.99% effective against the corona virus. That means you are fully guarded against the corona virus. As its names suggests it will act as a shield against droplets and fuild which can act as a potential threat to your health. You can lend your trust to Viroshield as it is dermatologically tested as non- irritative to the skin. The fabric matches ISO 18184 and 20743 standards. It is durable to laundry and washes upto thirty wash.

Fortify you and your family with Morarjee Viroshield and get ready for the unlock mode.

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