BVTEX 2020 – A virtual exhibition for the Textile Industry

The COVID-19 outbreak is a human tragedy and has a growing impact on the global economy. The global pandemic has forever changed our behaviors as customers, employees, citizens and humans. Major issues faced by companies are total restriction on domestic and international travel, no customer contact and either cancellation or postponement of regular marketing activities and exhibitions. With these emerging new experiences, companies now have an opportunity to accelerate the pivot to digital platforms and to reimagine their digital strategies to capture new opportunities and digital customers.

To provide a solution to this situation, Blkrsna Media Events Hospitality has organized a Virtual Exhibition especially for the textile industry. The Blkrsna Virtual Textile Exhibition – BVTEX 2020 is expected to take place from October 1, 2020 to October 4, 2020.

Going into details regarding the virtual exhibition, Mr. Rajesh Padalkar, Principal Owner of Blkrsna, informed: “This is a perfect platform for every industry to get in touch with their customers from any part of the world. Even the visitors and potential buyers can be from any time zone on the planet. As no logistics are involved there is a huge cost saving in participation in such virtual events. The 3D immersive environment gives the feel of actually attending a real exhibition. The exhibitors can display their 3D machine models, interact with customers via text chat or with one-to-one video calls. The visitors on the other hand can be part of the trade fair without having to book flight tickets, visa, hotels and local transportation.”

At BVTEX 2020 the exhibitors can display their posters, brochures and videos, which can even be downloaded by the visitors. There is no restriction on who can man the booth. Out of the 3 persons designated to be on the booth, the first can be from Mumbai, the second can be from Coimbatore and the third can be a foreign principal from any other country. The exhibitors can even plan and cater to the demands of their customers from other time zones in the world as BVTEX 2020 is on for all 24 hours a day. BVTEX 2020 is also a good place for the visitors to connect with other visitors and network during the show.

Blkrsna is also open to the idea of research institutions tying up with their textile principals and participate jointly to establish new business avenues and opportunities.

The textile industry has already reacted positively to this event. Speaking about the event, Mr. Ashish Sharma, Vice-President – Marketing, Truetzschler India, said: “We are already familiar with the industry 4.0 standards and BVTEX 2020 surely will take us a step further in the virtual world. It might not be a surprise if all future exhibitions are held virtually. We are looking forward to participate in this unique exhibition”.

Similarly, Mr. K. P. Singh, Director, TeraSpin, exclaimed: “All other major exhibitions are either cancelled or postponed. Therefore, having a virtual exhibition is the best way to stay in touch with our customers”.

Mr. Rajesh Padalkar also mentioned: “All other events being offered or planned are in the flat 2D format, while BVTEX 2020 is the only event at present offering the truly 3D virtual space at lesser costs. A visitor can actually enter the stall and move around having a closer look at items displayed. For example, if an Exhibitor had displayed a machine then the visitor can actually have a complete 360-degree tour around the machine.”

Blkrsna wants BVTEX 2020 to be relevant to the textile industry and its end-users. They are always exploring new means to reimagine and to make its platform vital to all Exhibitors by offering an integrated sourcing platform. Blkrsna believes that all Exhibitors at BVTEX 2020 will be able to have meaningful interaction with their customers on innovative ideas that offer the end users a competitive advantage.

For bookings, the exhibitors can fill up the form at and for other details and sponsorship matter they can drop an email at

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