Factory Building Construction - Single & Multi-storage building || Advantages || Disadvantages

 Textile Sphere Factory Constuction- Multi Storage and Single Storage Building in Textiles

The prime need of any project is to construct a building as soon as the plant layout is ready. It is one of the important factors considered as once the entire set up is ready it can not be changed or reconstructed. Before concluding the shape of the building it is essential to study the product to be manufactured so that the correct space is allotted.

So how does a good factory building look like?
A good factory building strives to perform different operations more efficiently, reducing the material handling cost. A proper building set up can reduce stoppages and interruptions maximizing the production.
A good factory building is significant as it can save the maintenance cost. It is noteworthy to have a good factory building as it not only portray an appealing appearance with healthy working atmosphere but also promotes employees safety. Generally there are two types of storage building namely, Single storage building and multi-storage building. If the land available is limited and the manufacturing process involves the gravity flow of the product then a multi-storage building is suitable for example, sugar factory or refineries. And when heavy plants and machineries are used during production in huge bulk then single storage is opted.

Let us examine advantages and disadvantages of both single storage and multi-storage buildings. 

Advantages of Single storage building:
  • Requires lighter foundations with less variation.
  • Maintenance and the changes in equipments can be carried out easily.
  • Heavy machines can be installed easily with quickness in construction.
  • As there is no requirement of lifts or stairs it saves the floor spacing and cost of life operation.
  • Construction cost per square foot is lower.
  • Shows good efficiency in routine and material handling.
Disadvantages of single storage building:
  • Require more land compared to that of multi- storage building.
  • The plant layout is not compact
  • The production space is generally occupied by offices and stores.
  • Gravity can not be employed in material handling and more roof spaces are required.
Advantages of Multi-storage building:
  • More compact layout.
  • Less roof repairs.
  • Less cost of land in rural areas and gravity can be employed.
  • Material handling distance I reduced considerably.
Disadvantages of multi-storage building:
  • Requires high cost for foundation
  • Floor expansion is not possible and natural illumination in center is poor.
  • Space is wasted in construction of staircase or lifts.
  • Handling of bulky materials is expensive.

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