Texplorer 2020- An event by Department of Textile Technology SGGS Nanded

This Event has Passed

Pragya & Department of Textile Technology Presents Texplorer 2020- An Event by Department of Textile Technology SGGS Nanded



Description :
For all fashion lovers texplorer  under PRAGYAA has come up  with its own fashion show.
If you have font of designing your own cloths . Then this is an opportunity where you can showcase your work.

  • A team can have 10 to 12 members .
  • Time limit for every team would be 08 minutes (including set up and performance both).
  • Negative marking if participants exceed time limit .
  • Theme selection is restricted to the stated topics .
  • Green room would be provided for the purpose of changing .
  • Participants are expected to carry their tracks in CD or Pendrive  and are expected to submit it well in advance.
  • The outfit must be below knee length . If at all opposite in this case , it would be ensured that stockings are worn . Stockings shouldn’t be of the skin shade.
  • Skin painting is only allowed for the face .
  • Vulgarity is strongly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the team from the contest.
  • Teams will be judged on costumes, theme relevance , walking stance and attitude .
  • The teams are expected to carry their own props.
  • Accommodation will be provided for free.
  • The days of accommodation have to be informed to the organizers well in advanced
  • Ramp walking has to be done only by the students of participating college and no professionals have to hired for the same.
  • Exibition of any kind of dance form or moves is not allowed.
  • Use of props should be kept minimal and have to be carried by the participants themselves.
  • Mode of payment is via google pay or phone pay.
  • Decision of the judges will be treated as final and binding.
  • Last date of sending abstract design is 10th of February 2020.

Style your mannequin :

In this event participants will be provide with the mannequin and they will have to drape the mannequin with the cloths designed by them.

  • Participation will be accepted in the team of two or solo.
  • Mannequins will  be provided.
  • Theme selection is restricted to the stated topics.
  • Time limit is half an hour .
  • Cloth should be exclusively designed by the participants .
  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited .
  • Each team have to perform the task  in given time.

Draw your design:

  • Participants have to draw or sketch the designs according to given themes. Theme will be announced on the spot .Keeping all the desired specifications in mind .
  • Rules:
  • Participation will be accepted in the team of two or solo .
  • cell phones are strictly prohibited.
  • Each team have to perform the tasks  in given time.
  • Participants are expected to draw the design on A2 size sheet which will be provided on the spot by texplorer team.
  • Participants will have to bring their own tools for the competition.

Present Your Idea:

Description :
  • Participants have to select any one topic from the  provided  list(related to textile technology) and present ppt.
  • Rules :
  •  Participants should send a copy of the abstract to texplorer2020sggs@gmail.com . Last  date for sending abstract format is 10th feb 2020.
  • The paper should be in standard format.
  • Max. two authors can present the paper and time limit will be max 10 minutes.
  • Accepted papers will be informed through their respective email ids .
  • A result of the jury shall be final.
  • Free accommodation will be provided.


Quiz is based on textile technology and engineering.

There must be team of two members.
This event is only for  textile students.

Round 1:
  • MCQs sheet will be provided to the participants .
  • Cutoff marks(negative marking system) to eligible for next round  will be provided on spot.
  • Time limit is 15 mins.

Round 2:
  • This will be Identification of picture round . (pictures are related to Textile technology.)
  • Total pictures displayed for each team will be 2
  • Time to identify each picture = 10 sec.
  • Results will be decided by judges.

Round 3:
Grasping Power round
  • 10 words will be displayed on screen.
  • Teams have to write those words on answer sheet provided.
  • Each correct word will be awarded one point.
  • There must be correctly spelt word.

Round 4 :
Rapid fire round
  • There will be 5 questions for each team .
  • Time limit to answer each question=10.

Explore your innovation and Art
Exhibition will be related to all engineering streams and art also
  • Participants have  to bring their abstract with them.
  • A team can have at most 3 members.
  • Decision of Judges will be treated as final .  

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