Industrial Textile- Conveyor belts and Tarpaulins

Industrial Textile- Conveyor Belts and Tarpaulins

Yashashree Ingle
Department of Textile Technology
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Mumbai, India

Conveyor Belts
Conveyor belts are the subsets of material handling industry. It plays an important role in large manufacturing operations to transport finished goods, intermediate products and raw materials. It is used in one form or other in every industrial sector or segment.

  • User Industries: Thermal plants, cement plants, coal, mineral and other mines, original equipment and system manufacturers and other (paper / glass/ fertilizers/chemicals etc)
  • Classified as: Rubber conveyor belts and PVC conveyor belts.
    Fig- Conveyor Belt

Rubber Conveyor Belts
The rubber conveyor beltings are of two types:
  • Textile reinforcement belts: different textiles like cotton: cotton, cotton: nylon, nylon: nylon, nylon: polyester is used.
  • Steel reinforcement: mainly used in coal mines.

Rubber Conveyor belts are made up of different ingredients such as rubber (50 percent), carbon black (20 percent), fabric (17 percent) and chemicals (13 percent).
Fabric composition: Predominantly synthetic based with (polyester / nylon 6/ nylon6,6)

PVC Based Conveyor Belts
  • Used in conjunction with polyamide reinforcement specially nylon 6 and nylon 6,6
  • It is used for carrying iron ore, coal, lignite etc. since these belts are having good stability and anti-flame properties.
  • The standard width range is 500mm to 2400mm
  • Mostly manufactured in steps of 50mm


Laminated or coated Textile fabrics used to protect materials from effects of weather for variety of applications. They are generally waterproof.
  • Material used: woven fabrics of polyester, nylon or polyethylene.
  • Application: it acts as cover for construction, building supplies, timber and wet concrete, to cover cargo transported by rail, road and sea.
  • Coating and lamination: vinyl and polyethylene film are used, expensive neoprene and polyurethane coatings are used for container covers used in contact with fuels or oils.
  • Coated fabrics for food stuff and medicinal products made of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved polymers.

Following are the properties of Tarpaulins:
  • Flexible in nature
  • Weather resistant
  • Has good strength and durable
  • Tear and puncture resistance
  • Flame resistance or UV resistance treatment may be applied

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