The TexSphere Show with Yash Trivedi Ep 1 - Miss Aditi Pathrabe on Reliance Industries Ltd.

The TexSphere Show with Yash Trivedi Ep 1 - Miss Aditi Pathrabe on Journey from Interning to Pre Placement Offer with Reliance Industries

This piece of interview is with reference to the podcast uploaded on Textile Sphere YouTube channel, 'The Texsphere Show' In this well written version of interview we are happy to have Miss Aditi Pathrabe, who openly discuss the frequently asked questions related to internship process, pre placements and interview at Reliance Industries for Texile Engineers.

Here it goes..

Yash- My very first question to you is what fascinated you to consider textile as your career?

Aditi-For me Textile was by chance is not by choice. Back then I choose Textile because I had no other choice so I took a chance but now after four years I feel it is not that bad of a choice as a career option because there are many new things to explore in this field with numerous job opportunities in different sectors. Textile is everywhere in many different sectors. You will find applications of Textile  and one can explore these applications only after getting into the field.

Yash-How will you describe your journey in the field of textile so far?

Aditi-My journey in the field of textile has been full of ups and down so far. Back then textile was completely new field for me ith all the new subjects and new concepts which were  very different from what we had studied before. So it was difficult initially but once I became familier with the subjects and the terms it eventually became easy for me to understand. Basically, it is a process and once you get this process and the flow then everything seems easy.

Yash-How did you manage to get an internship at Reliance Industries? Can you briefly tell us about the selection process and about aptitude test etc?

Aditi-Reliance had visited our campus for hiring interns which was when I applied for the internship. There was a selection procedure to be followed. The selection processs has 2 stages:

  • First was the aptitute test and
  • Second was the personal interview.

The Aptitute test for Reliance had 2 sections, 1st section had quantitative, verbal ability and logical reasoning questions followd by the 2nd section which had technical questions. The aptitute section had questions on speed, distance, time, grammar , jumbled sentences/words, finding missing numbers etc. You will find such questions on apps like IndiaBix easily. The technical section had all technical basic questions for which you need to brush up your basic concepts from scratch like fiber properties, manufacturing process and paramaters, production formulae. 

Yash-Tell us about the interview process in a nutshell. What does Reliance Industries look for while selecting a potential candidate?

Aditi-The interview are taken based on the division in which internship is offered. During our time, we had two separate interviews for two different divisions, these interviews are completely technical so brushing up your basics is very important. You nedd to be through with the concepts like yarn numbering system, physical properties of fibers, testing methods. Also you must be aware of what the company is manufaturing, their products and basic information about the company. Then questions are asked based on your previous internships ,projects and also on your resume. Reliance industries looks for candidate with good technical knowledge and who is clear with his/her basic concepts.

Yash-Can tell us about the post joining formalities and give us an insight into the projects you were part of during your tenure?

Aditi-There are no post joining formalities as such. We were alloted with the projects under the guidance of the mentor and that is it. In my project I had to do a lot of desk research and a thorough study on man-made fiber production subjects. I had a to gather a lot of information for my project for which I had to made calls to various manufacturers and dealers. Also a site visit was arranged for the same during my tenure. So you get a good exposure and you get to learn a lot of new things.

Yash-To sum things up, can you tell us on what grounds you were offered a pre placement offer (PPO) by Reliance Inustries?

Aditi-During my internship, we had a mid term review and a final review i.e presentation based on which our performace in the course of internship was evaluated. So based on these two reviews and our performance we were offered the PPO.

Yash- Thank you for your precious time! I hope our viewers found it helpful. It was indeed a pleasure having you on The TexSphere Show !

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