Start-up stories with Mr. Chandrashekhar Chincholkar

Start-up stories with Mr. Chandrashekhar Chincholkar

Start-up stories with Mr. Chandrashekhar Chincholkar

Textile Sphere takes a pleasure to present an abstract of a podcast which revolves around the start-up scenario with Mr. Chandrashekhar Chincholkar. Dear readers, we hope you all find this condensed version of the original podcast by AIC-Pinnacle start-up stories compelling enough. Before we get going, we would like to take an opportunity to introduce Mr. Chandrashekar Chincholkar, he is a President of KP Capital Advisors PVT. LTD. Baner, Pune. He has twenty-eight years of experience in consulting mandates for corporate on business planning, business valuation and designing business processes. So if you are heading to launch your venture or you are simply willing to sharpen your business skills, you are at the right place!

Mr. Chincholkar on his journey in the business sphere and playing his part 

His period of travelling in the World of business began in 1991 post his academics, in his early days soon after his education he took his introductory job in a broking firm followed by an advisory firm. He has good twelve years involvement in the corporate finance although he later shifted to equity where he operated both domestic and international Capital Market Equity Sales. This gave him an awareness of how to attract investment and money. He continued to strive understanding equity for almost a decade. He also has six years of experience in consulting companies to formulate their plans or strategies, giving the firms an idea on how the market functions. He provides an aid to the companies to create a sustainable business module. Further on, he has given and still continues to assists the firm related to financial and legal matters and giving them proper knowledge on the basic aspect of business, i.e., how to handle customers and on what the market expects from the firm. In his opinion, entrepreneur who is just about to start his or her start-up should never forget why they started.  The core idea through which they shall serve the society and one should be able to create a benchmark of valuation from their start-up. Business is done for wealth creation and not for charity. 

On how start-ups and valuation at the initial stages:

Mr. Chincholkar thinks having a good concept is necessary as it serves as a foundation on which the future valuation stands. The budding start-ups should hold a clear idea of what is expected from them by the customers and the investor. Customer satisfaction leads to the acceleration of the business apart from this the start-ups should come up with a full proof understanding of the growth phase. Further, Mr. Chincholkar states valuation as a relative term as in his opinion valuation certainly depends upon people since very individual has their own perception which depends on different factors, past experiences being on of them.

A piece of advice from Mr. Chincholkar

Start-ups can be a juggling task as it involves challenges at every step of the way. He thinks that this generation has an added benefit as pretty much everything is readily available. The recipe of a valued start-up eco-system includes what the investor and customer looking for one should know how management plays a significant part in the chain of start-up. He believes it is comparatively easy to get finance but seeking a good team is a task. Before getting into the start-up he recommends seeking proper knowledge of how a company works and how learning in a cohesive environment is beneficial for the start-up journey. Following these general tips will not suffice he adds, one should be fully aware of the pitfalls that may come in the way and should keep plans to immune their start-up in the long run. 

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