Bobtex Spinning

Textile sphere Bobtex spinning system

Bobtex Spinning

Yashashree Ingle
Department of Textile Technology
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, India
General Specification:
  • Process Group- Adhesive process
  • Spinning Process- Polymer
  • Yarn Type- Multi component yarn
  • Twist in yarn- Twist free
  • Yarn strength imparted by- Permanent bonding

Structure and characteristics of yarn spun by Bobtex Spinning:
Bobtex spinning has two spinning positions and produces multi component yarn which consist of:
  • It contains a core of multi-filament or monofilament making upto 10-60% and forming the yarn carrier(a)
  • A polymer intermediate layer 20-50% as shown in fig (b) and
  • In (c) staple fiber embedded in the intermediate layer which acts as protecting layer.

Textile Sphere- bobtex spinning process
Fig- Bobtex Yarn Structure

Yarn Characteristics:
  • The bobtex spun yarn provides high covering factor as the yarn is flat.
  • The evenness of the yarn is similar to that of the ring spun yarn.
  • The yarn is stiffer with low elongation due to the use of binder.

Bobtex Spinning:

Modern yarn fomation process Bobtex Spinning process
Fig- Bobtex Spinning Process

  • In the production of the bobtex spun yarn, the filament runs through the extruder, after which a coating of molten polymer remains stuck to it.
  • Before this polymer solidifies, the open staple fibers are pressed into the molten material which forms a covering layer and this is carried out in the opening unit.
  • From the cans on both sides, the two drawframe or card sliver are fed in the opening assembly.
  • The false twist device ensures good binding-in of the staple fibers. The yarn obtained is wound onto large package on the base of machine.

  • Spinning position per machine- 2
  • Delivery speed- 600 m/meter approx.
  • Raw material- filament/ polymer/ fibers
  • Count range- 30-300 tex
  • Type of yarn- Three component yarn
  • Yarn characteristics- High covering factor, stiff, even, woolen spun characteristics
  • Field of use- Sacks ,Carpet backing, industrial woven fabric
  • Advantage- High production, Package upto 50 kg

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